Prayer for George Floyd


       A  Prayer for George Floyd

By Robert Harris PhD

May 29, 2020


The song of now to which we bow,
Has taken 400 years to write,
By people of all colors from black to white,
If your skin is black, you watch your back,
400 years have taught you that.
If your skin is white you look ahead,
As you were taught; not to look back.
Both views have blind spots making it hard to see,
The other’s experience when they are free.
Blacks came in chains to help build a new Democracy,
But the rent and pain were just too high,
in Hotel Hypocrisy; Just trying to get by.
In 1776 African Americans were 20% of America’s 2.5 million,
Helping her win her freedom against the British Cotillion,
You fought and bled red blood and white tears
Without being citizens free to vote for yet another 94 years!
Then floods of immigrants poured in, mostly white,
Entering as citizens to contribute their culture and might.


If rights are denied, justice has died.

Hope is scarce and violence is fierce,

Exploding from its feeble cage,

The beast is fueled with fiery rage,

As looting & shooting openly burst,

Killing the community to slake its thirst.

(As a white, I feel shame and awe,

Constitutional rights for all are framed in law.)