Diamonds from Your Ashes

If a diamond is forever, we could be “forever” too by having the carbon in our ashes converted into a diamond.

All it takes is technology that can recreate the heat and pressure process of earth’s molten core and shorten nature’s baking time from billions of years to months. This is exactly what Swiss company, Algordanza, is doing to create commemorative diamonds that range in size from 0.2 carats to several carats at prices from several thousand to over thirty thousand dollars.

Where can you get this done:

News Report:

How it is done:

This Raises the Question: What’s a Life Worth?

This curious slice of life (or death?) I stumbled upon led me to wonder about the value of a living person over their life time, or the value “of” their life. There are many ways to think about this question but the easiest, since we live in a monetized world, is add up the average dollar-value of the average person. Here are three ways to do it for three levels of parts-to-wholes integration:

•  Individual Chemical Elements – $160: According to Datagenetics the nearly 50 raw elements that make up the mass of our body have a market value of about $160 for a typical person, if you could extract and separate all of the elements and sell them at market prices. Only six elements make up 99%.


• Systems of Chemical Elements – $46 k to $78k: Obviously the dollar value added goes up considerably, a factor of thousands, for a person when the basic elements are combined to form specialized parts like organs, bones, blood and so on that can be sold separately. The two price estimates reflect legal and illegal sales, the lower price typically being the illegal one.

• Living Systems of Elements as Individuals – $1.2m to $4.4m: When all the functional systems of chemical elements spark to life as a living and working human being, the average value of a life pops up another factor of thousands. A person living and working to exchange his or her “know-how value” today for a typical working lifetime, age 25 to 65, is strongly correlated with education: $0.9m without High School Diploma, $1.2m with High School Diploma, $2.1 Bachelor’s, $2.5m Master’s, $4m Doctorate, $4.4m Professional Degree.

Converting dead ashes to diamonds can be done for a price certain. However, can we ever put a price on simply being alive during this wonderful era of knowing and doing, connecting and creating, and living and loving?

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