Holiday Fable: Bubble Gum Universe

Before anything existed God was sitting on the edge of infinity in the void just relaxing and chewing on a God Wad; no, it’s not a form of tobacco.  God was chewing Devine Bubble Gum and deciding what to do next, and then started to blow God Bubbles to see how many could be made and how big they could get.  Most bubbles collapsed before they could get very big.  God tried everything:  blowing gentler or harder, chewing slower or faster, with more or less God Juice (source of The God Law).  Then, after trying infinity number of times and producing infinity number of different Bubbles God finally got it right and had a really big one going.  God took the Wad/Bubble out to admire it. The Bubble was beautiful and symmetrical but still very small compared to God—like the difference between everything and nothing.  Hello!

God saw that this was good.

                Then, all of a sudden, God dropped His Wad/Bubble (by accident or on purpose, we can never know) into the void and it snagged on the edge of infinity where it opened a tear.  The Big Bubble imploded in a Big Bang and unleashed a Godly amount of energy.  Miraculously, the Bubble stayed intact.  Strangely, this Bubble did not collapse from its open tear.  Instead the perfectly symmetric Bubble began to fill up and expand really fast (speed of light) as it absorbed the God-Wad and all of its Juices.

God saw that this was good.

                Heat of the Big Bang caused the God-Wad and Juices to fuse together and become Universal Stuff filling the perfectly symmetric Bubble as it continued to expand and transform into an evolving space-time-energy fabric of many dimensions.  As the Bubble began to cool from the heat of the Big Bang, two important things happened:  (1) The God Law of Everything began to separate out into five Sub-Laws of force, and; (2) some of the energy in the Bubble congealed into discrete chunks of static energy, or “particles,” of different sizes and shapes.  The Five Sub-Laws were like chaperons at a high school dance.  Their job was to manage the relationship patterns of dancing particles of energy according to mathematical rules based on these five relationship parameters: Mass, Attraction, Repulsion, Place, and Time. Uncongealed energy remained as pure light energy, and everything in the Bubble remained interconnected as it expanded.

God saw that this was good.

                The Bubble kept expanding and the particles of mass kept interacting according the Five Sub-Laws until the dance of particles evolved into the rich tapestry of complexity we call “reality.”  It apparently took six God-Days for this to happen—the same as about 14 billion years of human time after relativity corrections are made for time dilation caused by the early rapid expansion of our Bubble Universe.

God saw that this was good and rested.


I think we are all connected to each other like our hand or foot is to our body.  This reminds me to be humble in appreciating the wonderful gift of and respect for life.  After all, are we not like pieces of “bubble gum” stuck one to the other by long, strings of God Stuff?

I wish love, peace, and happiness for all people of all faiths in 2014.

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