Baltimore Rhythms – Raymond

Birth of the BeeArd

It was hard not to stare and appreciate Raymond’s look–12-inch long natural extension of his neatly trimmed beard framing his warm smile and inquisitive eyes.  I ask him what he called the 12-inch extension and he said, “it’s  just my beard man, my look.” I said, it’s got tRaymond 2o be more than that; why, it’s a big statement, don’t you think?  Can I call it a BeeArd!”  He smiled, slap hands and said, “done, I like that.”  Turns out that Raymond’s passion is writing about “perception” when he’s not working at Zip Cleaners as a “senior fabric technician.”  I remarked that I also wrote about perception in my advisory practice, Paradigm Research.  He asked for some writing advice so I traded some thoughts for his picture and promised I would post it with some written advice. This is for you, Raymond; it’s the first thing I wrote about perception on August 8, 1989 when I decided to found Paradigm Research International.  It has served me well:

Perception is Reality

What   you   see is what you                          get

but      what   yo  u  see i s   how   you         see;

YOU   SEE,   we loo  K  throughfilters   wedesign

with     h  e  l    p  from     0    bjects       we desire


3 thoughts on “Baltimore Rhythms – Raymond

  1. Good for you and Raymond on the subject of perception. Two opposing fans claim the opposite at a close play at first base and both are convinced they are right.

  2. I enjoyed this wonderful article about Michael’s success. My congratulations to Michael and to his dedicated, proud father.

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