Wanted: Big Cat to Drain Swamp in Jungle

Only the biggest and baddest cat can get ‘er done!

Top Ten Qualifications Based on Nature:

1.The Big Cat is a predator that uses fear and intimidation to get what he wants.

2.The Big Cat has many women to reflect his power and prowess with pride.

3.The Big Cat breeds all year and has one surviving cub to per 3000 times of sex.

4. The Big Cat has his women do all the hunting to feed him and his babies.

5. The Big Cat leads from behind the hunt and eats first and most before all others.

6. The Big Cat kicks his male babies out on their own when they grow to manhood.

7. The Big Cat’s life is full of violence, exploitation and sex, and sleeping 20 hours a day.

8. The Big Cat fights off all other males to protect his territory and to win that of others.

9. The Big Cat is a dictator that has branded himself as the Lion King of the jungle.

.10 The Lion King Dictator is expected to be on the job four years or less.

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