Crash of Paradigms



The reason for this post is to share a bazaar “crash-of-paradigms” moment I experienced last night as the news broke in real-time of Gianforte body slamming and beating a reporter in Montana the day before Gianforte was projected to be elected to congress.  How does this make any sense?

My Bazaar Moment

I  was watching news on TV last night as news broke with a live report by phone from reporter Ben Jacobs (who calling from the hospital)  that he had just been assaulted by Gianforte. I quickly googled Gianforte’s Wiki to find out who this guy was.  As I scrolled down his background page I looked in amazement as I read the last paragraph.  Jacobs description of his attack I had just heard him report in real time on TV a moment ago was already posted on Gianforte’s wiki!  A creepy feeling of new awareness washed over me.   “Crash of  Paradigms,” I thought.

I believe it was Dostoevsky who said the seeds of all crimes are in each of us.  Each and every one of us surely has the potential to explode in uncontrollable anger and hostility, and has certainly done so privately.  Greg Gianforte had the great misfortune to do so last night in the dawning age of the frictionless society where information moves at the speed of light instantly everywhere.  He wasn’t prepared for this new reality.

More later.

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