Dog’s New Year Wishes for 2018

Danny (left), is 5 years old, and Jake (right), is 2 years old; they bark a joyous Happy New Year to all in 2018.

Jake is visiting, along with several other friends, for a few days during the holiday at the Eastern Shore near Osprey Point in Easton, MD.

Danny and Jake have concocted the fun game of sneaking in bed to wake everyone up with wagging tales and kisses way too early each morning, and then chasing each other in private race tracks of their own design throughout the house between naps in front of a roaring fire to recharge.

It was way too cold and windy to chase the flocks of geese resting on the lawn in front of the bay as they glared eagerly and wimpered to get after these feathered transgressors.

All in the day’s work of a dog.

Ah, the life of well-kept and loved dogs that effortlessly give way more to life than they demand. May your 2018 be as joyous.


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