The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be forty years old in 2015. I wish there was a similar show today that captured the major cross currents of today’s world, such as considering the consequences of marrying carbon and silicon to create a new organizing principle for what it means to be human.  I would go to this show today if it existed, partly to be entertained, but mostly to satisfy my curiosity and to allay my fears of the unknown. This blog entry is one possibility that I grew in my mind until I had to get it out by writing it down.  This post, and similar entries in the future, will be stored as a page (after leaving it posted for a week) under a new top-level section named Filling Holes.  This name is a reference to my favorite philosophy-of-life quote by Elizabeth Roosevelt Longworth:

 Empty what’s full.  Fill what’s empty.  Scratch where it itches.

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