Welcome to Viewshift.net

Three Blogs Under One Meta Roof

by Robert J. Harris, PhD
Life as I Find it: http://www.slicesoflifeblog.com
Work as I Find it: http://www.viewshiftblog.com
Meaning as I Find it: http://www.metaslog.com

Viewshift.net – LIFE

This Blog addresses the rapid, disruptive and profound changes on society brought about by the impact of high-speed smart digital technology. This impact is global. is being felt on the everyday life of ordinary citizens, of business and workers, and on our personal search for meaning in life. Clicking on Viewshift.net will get you to all three blogs on this one site, and you can move between the three blogs by clicking on each LIFE, WORK, or MEANING tab at the top of the landing page .

This LIFE blog explores everyday life as I find it especially as it relates to our rapidly changing digital and AI landscape.

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