This is Not A Coke


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Einstein converted physical OBJECTS of REALITY (planets, light) into his subjective ideas of reality (relativity, quantum theories) as SCIENCE; Magritte converted his SUBJECTIVE IDEAS of REALITY into arrangements of everyday objects of (pipes, people) as revelatory art. GENIUSES!

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Einstein (like SCIENCE) is provable by experiment until it’s not. Magritte (like ART) is enlightening until it’s not. Both are opened-ended, Art more than Science. Both are precise, Science more than Art. Both operate on a bi-direction arrow of TENSION keeps each moving forward.
 IMAGINE UNIVERSE AS EXPANDING SPHERE. OBJ & SUBJ patterns fit as one into Pirsig’s MOQ open framework. MOQ is a better way to understand all of REALITY & deal with it. Pirsig mentored me from 1991. OBJ=1 & 2 and SUBJ=3 & 4 in my MOQ graphic. More coming.…
#TrueStory ABOUT MENUS: Professional Philosopher says to me: “Metaphysics is a restaurant with 30 thousand items on its menu, but NO FOOD!!” Professional Athlete says to me: “SPORTS has the shortest menu of all – WIN or LOSE!!” Bada Bing; Bada Bing! (Subjective vs Objective)
8:11 PM · Jul 31, 2019

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